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Employment Services

Having a job is one way we demonstrate independence, and feeling independent is important to all of us. At HH, we help adults with I/DD prepare for, secure and maintain employment in a variety of ways.

Job Development

  • How to act appropriately on the job site
  • Interview skills
  • How to follow a task list and meet employer expectations

On-the-Job Success

  • HH team members work with the adults through on the job training 
  • HH staff offer support to ensure successful performance

Project Search

A youth program

  • Intensive internship programs at several different community businesses 
  • Goal – gainful employment upon program completion
  • Offers Enclave work settings where teams work with adults, not for the adults, to provide a successful, meaningful on the job experience

Our Successes

Young African American man preparing food in a school kitchen


Nick graduated from Project Search 3 years ago. Since graduating, he has been through many interviews and short-term positions just didn’t fit. He worked at Portillo’s, but found the speed of the restaurant too distracting, despite working very hard to make it work.

After advocating for himself, we restarted the interview process. Nick is now employed at Westdale School in Northlake, where he prepares breakfasts for the school children. It’s close to his home which supports independence in his travels, and he is learning PACE.

The employment process does not stop after someone is hired. HH staff check in frequently to make sure clients have transportation, understand their jobs, and most of all, confirm that they are HAPPY.  If need be, we start over. Our goal is to place our clients in jobs that give them a sense of purpose – a place that they want to be every day!

Young woman smiling with friend by her side


Christa is a 2019 Graduate of Project SEARCH Brookfield Zoo. Christa has been working at Green Home Experts and quickly became one of their most reliable employees. She assembles kits, works in their fulfillment center, and assists in maintaining the warehouse.

Helping Hand reconnected with Christa in 2021 to assist her in refining her supervisory skills so she can lead the team when needed. Christa continues to grow and looks forward to new opportunities at Green Home Experts.

Employment Services Leadership

Director of Employment Services

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