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Community Living (CILA)

At Helping Hand, our many houses become homes when our quality residential team members provide genuine care and education. In this environment, staff prioritize relationship building and mental health while developing independence in skills of daily living. Through activities within the home, HH clients grow in their connection with one another developing friendships and healthy relationship skills.

Community Integrated Living Arrangements

We have many homes in the community that provide individualized care to each adult. Providing genuine care and education in the home setting through enriched life experiences. Such as:

  • Community outings
  • Interactions with peers
  • Quality connections made within the community
  • Skill building to enhance independence
  • Hands-on approach to learning
  • Unique custom housing

Our Successes

See Daniel’s story and the dedicated staff that shows genuine care to our clients each and every day to help transform their lives.

Community Living (CILA)​ Leadership

Headshot of Lenette Davis smiling

Director of Residential Program

Strong partnerships with families are built on good communication. We are open to working with families to build the best surrounding supports based on individual needs.


Bill Dwyer
President & CEO

Melissa MacKay
Vice President of Quality

Marissa Post
Vice President of Special Initiatives

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