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Resources, connections, and stories.

Stay connected with us through this go-to resource dedicated to providing valuable information, insights into the world of individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities, and stories of transformation. This blog is designed to be a resource hub for individuals, families, educators, and anyone interested in gaining a deeper understanding of our mission.

How Community Connections Spread our Mission

At Helping Hand, community connections are a valuable resource for us to share our mission and transform lives. Volunteers from the Chicagoland area that have collaborated with us have had a positive impact on the services we offer and generate a connection to the genuine care and education we provide.

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Student looking at piece of toast in classroom

Genuine Education and Nutrition: Transforming Eating Habits

This month, the Helping Hand school curriculum demonstrated mindful eating habits and practices to our students. The curriculum and lesson plan involved providing HH classrooms education regarding healthy habits and how one may adapt their diet when factoring in various elements and caloric intake. Helping Hand students in the elementary,

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