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Outpatient Programs Specialties

We support a ‘whole self’ approach to care and provide a variety of additional services to support our clients and their families, including:

AAC Evaluations

An augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) device helps individuals with speech or language impairments to communicate effectively. Our speech language pathologists are trained in evaluating and trialing AAC devices to find the best fit for an individual’s unique communication needs.

Feeding Therapy

Evaluates feeding difficulties, which can be due to a variety of factors such as sensory needs or oral motor challenges. Feeding therapy can assist picky eaters or problem feeders.

Group Therapy

Engage with peers and build crucial social and interaction skills. We regularly offer social skills and sensory-based groups for clients in a variety of age ranges.

Hearing Screenings

Our speech language pathologists are skilled at examining the health of the eardrum, assessing function of the middle ear, and identifying hearing impairments.

Mental Health Supports

Through transformative service, HH focuses on a holistic approach to care that considers how mental health impacts ones wellbeing, motivation, physical health and outlook on life. Mental health supports can be crucial to the lives of our HH families – parents, siblings, and caregivers. We understand our families face significant challenges and barriers to service. It is in our mission to break down those barriers and provide more opportunities for genuine care and education.

Mental Health services at HH are offered within both the individual and group environment and are available for clients of all ages to compliment other services provided. The HH Mental Health and Therapeutic Team focuses on strengthening social skills, communication, independence, healthy habits, and more.

Occupational Therapy

Increases participation in meaningful activities by improving fine and gross motor skills, sensory processing, vision, and activities in daily living.

Speech Therapy

Improve functional communication through treatment of speech, voice, language, and swallowing.


Our therapists provide virtual therapy to clients of all ages.