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Genuine Education and Nutrition: Transforming Eating Habits

Genuine Education and Nutrition: Transforming Eating Habits

This month, the Helping Hand school curriculum demonstrated mindful eating habits and practices to our students. The curriculum and lesson plan involved providing HH classrooms education regarding healthy habits and how one may adapt their diet when factoring in various elements and caloric intake. Helping Hand students in the elementary, middle school, and high school classrooms had various lesson plans to instill the significance of mindful eating habits and how those lessons may be applied when they are out in the community and with their families.

As Helping Hand teachers facilitated and established this lesson plan, it was recognized that different instructional methods would be impactful for students to retain the information being presented. Thus, the school was able to successfully provide genuine education to students by incorporating videos, songs, visuals, and activities that culminated to ensure each classroom received the proper resources to educate different ages.

The elementary school classroom had an interactive experience where students could apply the lesson in real life scenarios. Moreover, the middle school classroom focused on educating students on the effects of the food they eat once it is ingested and how different foods have different effects on our bodies. Lastly, high school students focused on having students identify healthy choices they make daily, whether it is eating healthy, exercising, or getting the right amount of sleep.

One resource that remained consistent for all classrooms was the MyPlate. The MyPlate graphic enforced the healthy eating habits that were provided as it displayed proper portion control for the 5 food groups. Although students were able to understand what food groups should be emphasized over others for a proper diet, instructors wanted to take this further and allow students to apply these lessons in a real life setting. Therefore, elementary students selected their favorite foods from a menu and discovered how those foods mirrored the MyPlate. For instance, some students selected pastries, others selected mashed potatoes and steak, and one student chose eggs and vegetables. As various foods were presented, students grasped the proper serving sizes of their favorite foods and what food group they fit into. As teachers spoke about the food students brought, it helped drive the discussion on what is considered healthy and unhealthy food.

In conclusion, the Helping Hand School facilitated a remarkable curriculum and lesson plan to instill healthy habits and mindful intake when it comes to food. The overall goal of this curriculum was so students can apply these lessons when they are engaging with their community and out with their families. As genuine care and education are the foundation of Helping Hand, we shared this lesson plan to demonstrate how our school goes above and beyond when caring for our students. The curriculum not only had students identify healthy practices, but it also provided takeaways from children to be aware of when they are not surrounded by their favorite Helping Hand teachers.

On the topic of food and connecting with the community, Helping Hand is looking forward to our 25th Annual Gala on Friday, April 19th! The upcoming Gala will feature unique and exquisite dishes as we are partnering with Nielsen-Massey Vanillas. This collaboration aims to provide an unforgettable evening with our guests as we demonstrate transformation through the culinary arts. Join us as we invite you to experience savory, chef-curated tastings, cocktails crafted by local mixologists, browse and bid on fabulous silent and live auction packages, and dance to the sounds of DJ Sasha during the after party!

Author: Kevin Kumar

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