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Transformative Employment: Establishing Independence and Community Connections

Transformative Employment: Establishing Independence and Community Connections

At Helping Hand, one of the many ways that we inspire transformation is through community connections. Through these connections, we display how people with intellectual and developmental disabilities are equally valued and showcase the positive impact that employing our clients may have on local businesses.

The Helping Hand Employment Services team is devoted to finding gainful employment for our clients and educating the community on the benefits of employing our clients. This initiative drives their independence, provides meaningful experience to establish skills applicable to professional roles, inspires a positive culture change, and efficiency at the businesses that employ our clients. This team encourages community engagement as they diligently discover opportunities for potential employment opportunities. The goal of Employment Services is to help our clients find gainful employment, ensure successful performance, and to align clients’ talents to their professional role. As our Employment Services team has found employment for our clients and collaborated with over a dozen local businesses, it has been recognized that Helping Hand employees provide value to the workplace through their efficiency, dedication, and upbeat attitude. Businesses who have partnered with our clients have noted that their presence positively impacted the organizational culture and combatted stigma against those who are intellectually or developmentally disabled.

Recently, the HH Employment Services team enlightened the students in La Grange District 102 by showcasing their agenda and strategy. HH Employment Specialist, Keith, and HH client, John, connected with students in the local district regarding their efforts, mission, and achievements. The duo presented on how experiential learning can provide the foundation to talents and skills applicable to a variety of workplaces.

During this showcase, John was able to connect with students as he answered their questions and provided context on how he successfully provides value to his professional role. John’s presence gave students a first-hand look on disability employment and how individuals with disabilities can be equally valued in the community. Despite having a disability, John provides valuable experience and dedication at his role at National Seating and Mobility (NSM). John has been employed at NSM for over a year and his responsibilities include cleaning and sanitizing incoming wheelchairs, trash removal, and general cleaning. John’s supervisor, Chuck, does not hesitate to praise John on his diligent attitude nor his interest to learn more in pursuit of new skills.

“John has an incredible work ethic,” said Chuck. “He will have a long, successful career at NSM.”

Helping Hand strives to bridge connections in the community where we can share our mission and values, while emphasizing our ongoing efforts of equally valuing ALL.

Author: Kevin Kumar

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