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How Community Connections Spread our Mission

How Community Connections Spread our Mission

At Helping Hand, community connections are a valuable resource for us to share our mission and transform lives. Volunteers from the Chicagoland area that have collaborated with us have had a positive impact on the services we offer and generate a connection to the genuine care and education we provide. As April is National Volunteer Month, we want to recognize the amazing individuals and organizations that have recently partnered with Helping Hand and their accomplishments. When organizations and individuals connect with us, we aim to provide an experience that brings us together to embrace our mission and to inspire others in our community that everyone is equally valued.

Throughout the year, we invite various professional organizations to provide their talents to engage with our clients and enhance our services. Earlier this month, UPS spent a day with Helping Hand to create PECS (Picture Exchange Communication System) for our clinic. PECS are a valuable asset to our clinicians and the therapies they offer. PECS are a powerful communication tool for those with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Although UPS provided their skills and time to our clinical team, other organizations have enhanced our school as well. Last fall, Ryan Companies constructed a library stand and post office for our students. These additions were applied to enrich the curriculum. With these additions, students have another medium to strengthen their social and problem-solving skills, while creating a fun way for students to interact with their peers.

Alongside these talented organizations and their generosity, Helping Hand also invited community members to connect with our mission. Over the winter, RYP Hitting and professional MLB baseball player, Jack Suwinski, engaged with our adult clients to share their holiday spirit and create one-of-a-kind ornaments. Through this partnership, our art program emphasized to our community how we use art as a medium for our clients to showcase their individuality and creativity. In addition to this, local community members have an impact on the education we provide. Recently, our school invited Paul Saladino and Jack Knight, the Village Clerk and Village Manager of LaGrange, respectively. Their visit demonstrated to our students how community leaders serve the area through governance, collaboration, and development.

Lastly, youth groups are another way that Helping Hand successfully shares its mission throughout the community. One of the ways this is accomplished is by joining forces with local boy scouts and providing them with an opportunity to complete their Eagle Scout projects. We have recently elevated our Adult Services building with the addition of a library and a community drive! Through this opportunity, our adult clients have another recreational activity to keep them engaged. Earlier this month, a local Eagle Scout renovated our linen closet so resources necessary for care are readily accessible to our CILAs.

Overall, community connections are a valuable opportunity for Helping Hand to share its mission and vision. As we partner with various organizations and individuals, they engage with our clients and services to better understand the impact their time and talents have on our programs. As we continue to foster these connections, we witness firsthand the transformative power of collaboration and collective action in addressing the needs of our community. Together, we build a stronger, more compassionate community where every individual’s contribution is celebrated and cherished.

Author: Kevin Kumar

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