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Onsite Programs

As you walk the halls at Helping Hand, you’ll notice a positive, indescribable atmosphere.  It comes from the liveliness of our team members and clients as they engage in various activities throughout the day. This energy is ever-present and is something staff, clients and guests notice immediately.

  • Gain independence
  • Become physically and emotionally stronger
  • Build social skills
  • Learn new skills
  • Go out in the community
  • Have new experiences

Success Stories

High School Transition

Transitioning from high school to adult programs can be stressful, but not at Helping Hand. Beginning their final year of high school, students may attend the day program as part of their transition plan. Students attend the day program with a school aid who assists them in getting acclimated to the program. Once at the day program, students are assigned to groups and participate in group activities. 

This transition helps students acclimate to adult programming by the time they graduate high school. Each transition is individualized to the needs of the student. Where one transition plan might take 6 months, another might take a whole year.


The HH aging program meets the needs of our aging population and uses components of the GRACE curriculum in a relaxed, laid-back environment. Adults in this program participate in the same activities as their peers, in groups, and at their own pace.

Virtual ePrograming

Virtual programming connects adults with I/DD who do not attend HH in-person programming. These adults engage in a wide variety of activities, such as:


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