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Adult Programs Intake Process

When an adult with I/DD or a transition student is looking for a Community Day Services or Community Living setting, the first step is to contact the Adult Admissions Coordinator to set up a tour and meet with members of the Intake Committee. 

Following the tour, the Adult Admissions Coordinator will bring all information that was discussed to the Intake Committee, who decides whether Helping Hand is able to provide services that support the individual’s needs. 

The adult or student then attends the program for trial visits, this is before a formal decision is made. These visits can last between 2-4 weeks and provide an opportunity for prospective clients to experience what each program has to offer, and allows Helping Hand staff to get to know the individual. 

Upon completion of the trial visit, a decision is made to accept or deny the request into the program. 

Interested in a tour?


Ceana Gates
Coordinator, Adult Admissions
(708) 966-5766